2020 Stories

Creating lasting change

Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020, the topic of diversity and inclusion was one of the focus topics for us. We strongly believe that diversity, inclusion, and equality are key to the success of our company. We redefined our internal framework with a clear definition of what diversity and inclusion mean to us as a company. They mean championing individual uniqueness, and cultivating a culture of belonging so that everyone can create at their best.

In addition, we made global internal commitments to further promote inclusion and equality at our company, such as introducing a mandatory global anti-racism and unconscious bias training for all adidas and Reebok employees, and organizing a virtual ‘Global Day of Inclusion’. Furthermore, we continue to support and grow our ‘Employee Resource Groups’. These are specific networks that give employees from various walks of life a voice and serve members and organizations by fostering a diverse inclusive workplace.

For more information on Employee Resource Groups and how they can help create inclusion at the workplace, please visit our corporate blog Gameplan A. For more information on diversity and inclusion, see chapter ‘Our People’.

United against racism

adidas and Reebok have always been and always will be against discrimination in all forms and stand united against racism. To emphasize this principle, we shared a list of global commitments in June 2020. They describe how we aim to contribute to creating lasting change. The commitments include, amongst others, establishing a global committee to accelerate inclusion and equality, strengthening our global anti-discrimination and non-retaliation policy, reforming our hiring and career development processes, signing the Juneteenth Pledge, and increasing support for (‘Black, Indigenous and People of Color’) communities.

We have already taken action on several of these commitments in the second half of 2020. As we go forward, we will continue to strive for better, for those at the heart of our brands. This is our commitment. We can change, and we will.

Ready for Change

Pursuing equality for all

We extended our ‘Ready for Sport’ campaign and opened the next chapter: ‘Ready for Change’. The sports athlete film provides additional insights on change and gives our athletes the platform to share their personal messages on how they would like to see the world. The individuals featured in the film stand for justice and they use their platforms as a means to unite their communities in pursuit of equality for all.

  • American football superstar Patrick Mahomes (Video)
    ‘Now its all about action, all about the next step’ – American football superstar Patrick Mahomes on the importance of hope and positivity in unsteady times.


BIPoC stands for ‘Black, Indigenous and People of Color’.