Annual Report 2022


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An adidas metaverse character in front of a blue background (Photo)

In this dashboard we present the most important developments of the 2022 reporting year.

  • CEO Interview

    Bjørn Gulden, CEO (Photo)
    • Bjørn Gulden
      is our new

    • He describes himself as a 'sports romantic.'

    • He loves all sports and says that the one thing that has taught him the most about leadership was playing team sports.

    CEO Interview
  • Income Statement

    Violet and green schlieren (Photo)
    • Net Sales 0 million + 1% (c.n.)
    • Revenue development was driven by strong double-digit growth in Performance.

    • We saw exceptional increase in Football as well as strong double-digit growth in Running and Outdoor.

    Income Statement
  • Our Highlights

    Messi and other people celebrating at the end of the football World Cup (Photo)
    • Major sports

    • For adidas, 2022 was the year of football and running.

    • With the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Women’s EURO, and major marathons taking center stage, athletes and sporting communities around the globe had many reasons to celebrate.

    Our Highlights
  • Sustainability

    A woman and a man are looking at the camera (Photo)
    • Our commitment to sustainability is embedded into how we have done business for over two decades.

    • We will continue to move to a sustainable article offering, expand our circular services,...

    • and work toward achieving climate neutrality across our entire value chain.

  • Global Brands

    Blue and pink schlieren (Photo)
    • The adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted connection with sport.

    • We believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. This is our purpose.

    • We are living this purpose every day by expanding the limits of human possibilities.

    Global Brands
  • Global Operations

    A woman holds a shoe (Photo)
    • Pairs of shoes
      0 million
    • With 34% of the total volume,...

    • Indonesia represented our largest sourcing country for footwear in 2022.

    Global Operations
  • Business Performance by Segment

  • Our People

    A woman with red hair is looking at the camera (Photo)
    • Women in management positions 0 %
    • Our ambition is to increase female representation in management positions globally...

    • to more than 40% by 2025.

    Our People
  • Our Share

    violet and orange schlieren (Photo)
    • Dividend proposal 0
    • The dividend will be proposed to the Annual General Meeting on May 11, 2023.

    • The total payout of € 125 million reflects a payout ratio of 49.2% of net income from continuing operations.

    Our Share
  • Global Sales

    A running man with blond hair (Photo)
    • Wholesale 0 %
      share of total net sales
    • While Wholesale is our largest channel,

    • the share of DTC business (own retail and e-commerce) was 39% in 2022.

    • Our 'adi Club' membership program has reached 0 million members across around 50 countries.
    Global Sales

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