Annual Report 2022


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2022 Annual Report

Interview with our CEO

A woman wearing a grey jacket (Photo)
Bjørn Gulden, CEO (Photo)
Bjørn Gulden, CEO (Photo)
Bjørn Gulden

adidas is a company
like no other.
We have all the
to win.
We need to focus on the
core of our business
and work on the basics.

CEO Interview

We are adidas

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Our Results

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Click here for the most important developments of the 2022 reporting year.

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Our Highlights

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  • Our Stores

    Our stores are the place where consumers get into direct contact with our products, employees, history and values.

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  • Products and Partnerships

    We entered into promising new partnerships in 2022, including the continuation of our journey toward a sustainable future.

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  • Major Sports Events

    In 2022, adidas teams, athletes, and sporting communities around the globe had many reasons to celebrate.

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