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At adidas, we believe that our people are the key to the company’s success. Their performance, well-being, and personal development have a significant impact on brand desire, consumer satisfaction, and, ultimately, our financial performance. To support the execution of our new strategy ‘Own the Game,' the people strategy comprises three key pillars: , all underpinned by ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ (‘DEI’).

These pillars seek to focus our efforts on people and culture through:

  • attracting and engaging key talent,
  • building role model leaders that empower people,
  • creating a premier employee experience,
  • instilling a mindset of continuous learning,
  • recognizing and rewarding both individual and team performance,
  • embedding ‘DEI’ even further into our culture.

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With the launch of our new people strategy, we have defined primary KPIs by which we will measure its success. These include our progress in relation to women in management positions, top talent turnover, and employee sentiment, among others. Through regular tracking of our KPIs, we are able to remain agile in our approach to initiatives, ensuring that we are responding to the needs of our employees, as well as our business.


We are convinced that listening to employees plays a crucial role in our pursuit of creating a best-in-class employee experience and continuing to attract and retain top talent. We can only tell if we are successful by asking our people, hence we empower them to share their feedback. In support of this thinking, we launched the ‘Employee Listening Survey’ – our new approach to measure the level of employee engagement and experience that adidas provides as an employer – for all employees in retail and corporate globally, with distribution center employees being integrated in 2022.

Out of the employees asked to participate, 72% completed the survey, with the rate for corporate employees at 75% and retail at 70%. The overall engagement score was 70% favorable and our results showed a high ‘intent to stay’ of employees, exceeding our external benchmark. Within the survey analysis we were able to examine how experience moments and engagement drivers influence engagement, well-being, inclusion, and intent to stay for our employees. This analysis showed our employees have strong satisfaction with important topics such as the ability to perform their daily role and learning within adidas. At the same time, it also highlighted several areas of opportunity based on which our HR department will build action plans to focus on during 2022. It is our intention to run an annual Employee Listening Survey moving forward.

Leadership, betterment, and performance

Leadership, Betterment, and performance are the three pillars of our people strategy:

  • Leadership: We will develop leaders to own the game and act as role models empowering all people to realize their possibilities.
  • Betterment: We believe in a mindset of continuous learning and improvement and are committed to providing relevant learning opportunities to upskill and reskill for the future.
  • Performance: We build the best teams that play to win, recognizing and rewarding both individual and team performances.

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