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We have great talents in our organization who work with passion for sports and our brands. Our people will bring our strategy to life and our culture will make the difference in achieving our long-term goals. We are convinced that a culture of creativity, collaboration and confidence will be a key enabler for us to Create the New.

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Driving brand desirability begins with putting our consumers at the heart of everything we do and serving them in the best possible way. This involves ensuring that consumers always find fresh and desirable products where and when they want them and with an unrivaled brand experience. This, in turn, means to us being able to anticipate what consumers want and reacting accordingly in a timely manner. Being fast will give us a decisive competitive advantage. The benefits include higher product availability, reduced inventory risk, incremental net sales and higher margins. Speed is therefore a critical and powerful lever for us.

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Urbanization continues to be a global megatrend. Most of the global population lives in cities and already today cities account for around 80% of global GDP. Cities are shaping global trends and consumers’ perception, perspectives and buying decisions. To be successful in the future, we therefore need to win the consumer in the world’s most influential cities. We have identified six global megacities in which we want to over-proportionally invest to grow share of mind, share of market, share of trend: London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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Open Source is a collaboration-based innovation model that aims to build brand advocacy by opening the brands’ doors to the consumer and by inviting him or her to co-create the future of sport and sports culture with us. It is about learning and sharing, about starting conversations between the brand, external experts and consumers, and about giving them the chance to have an impact on what we do. We provide access for externals to tools and resources we use to create, thereby acquiring and nurturing creative capital, and explore new territories so as to create unprecedented brand value for the consumer beyond mere transactional businesses.