Financial ambition
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Creating long-term value for our shareholders drives our overall decision-making process. Therefore, we are focused on rigorously managing those factors under our control, making strategic choices that will drive sustainable revenue and earnings growth and, ultimately, operating cash flow. We are committed to increasing returns to shareholders with above-industry-average share price performance and dividends.

Our unique corporate culture and the three strategic choices will continue to be step-changers with regard to brand desirability and brand advocacy. In combination with the initiatives that are part of our acceleration plan, this will enable us:

To achieve top-line growth significantly above industry average:

We aim to increase currency-neutral revenues annually between 2015 and 2020 at a rate between 10% and 12% on average (initially, in March 2015: high-single-digit currency-neutral increase).

To win significant market share across key categories and markets:

We have defined key categories within the adidas and Reebok brands that will spur our growth going forward. From a market perspective, we have defined clear roles for each of our markets, depending on macroeconomic trends, the competitive environment and our brand strength in the respective markets.

To improve our profitability sustainably:

We plan to substantially improve the company’s profitability, growing our net income from continuing operations by an average of between 22% and 24% per year between 2015 and 2020 (initially, in March 2015: increase of around 15%; updated in March 2017: increase between 20% and 22%).

To deliver on our commitment to increase shareholder returns:

Creating the New includes a strong commitment to generating increasing returns for our shareholders. Given our firm confidence in the strength of the company’s financial position and future growth ambitions, we target a consistent dividend payout ratio in a range between 30% and 50% of net income from continuing operations. Our dividend policy is complemented by a multi-year share buyback program announced in March 2018. Under the current program, we plan to buy back own shares for up to € 3 billion in total until May 2021, of which € 1 billion was utilized in 2018.